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Create beautiful Gratitude Stones

Who doesn't love a Quote and especially on a hand made gift.

These stones are fabulous to make with the kids or why not make the time for a 'Ladies Craft Afternoon'.

Obviously you would need lubrication so it would only be fair for your guests to turn up with a bottle or two ...... mind you imagine the quotes you could end up with at the end of the day !!

I came across this fabulous artistic blog by Alisa Burke called 'Redefine Creativity', it has all of the details you need for this project ~

Pop over and visit Alisa's colourful blog here :

All you need : Stones, Favourite Quotes, Paints, a little imagination and WINE

Have fun and I would love to see the results and especially the ones created after those 2 bottles of wine !!!

Brightest Blessings ~ Jax ~ 


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