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The Moonbeams and Mayhem Story

Helloooooo ~ Yeah I have written my first word, that wasn't as hard as I was thinking it was going to be. Why does an 'About us' page scare me so much ~ No idea but I have just been and popped my 'BIG GIRL BRAVE PANTS' on and here I am !!!

Its more of an 'About me' page as I run this colourful ship solely...... for now anyway.

My name is Jax and some of you maybe know me from 'Our' Vibrant Facebook community ~ I say 'OUR' as it is you guys and your interaction that make it and I take my pointed pixie hat off to you for that.

My vision was always to have a 'Actual physical' shop ~ well that was back when we had 'Real Phones' as my dad still calls them !!!

   I struggled beyond belief to find the clothes that I actually wanted to wear, all I could find was the kind of clothes that the other girls wanted to wear...So I started to experiment and up cycle, re cycle ~ I remember going to a club with ( an afternoon club one that only sold pop & crisps ) wearing a vintage satin gold full length paisley dressing gown ~ Wow it felt great ~ maybe looked slightly bizarre and I did get my fair share of weird looks but that has never or ever will bother me.

Once the internet kicked in and I had been through a few jobs working for others I just knew it was time to go my own way.......

A name ~ that's what I needed to start me off, I looked at my two kids and 'moonbeams and mayhem' just sprung to mind ~ they know and only they know which is which, well I guess if you met my mini peeps you would know too .

So that was it, the way to find what I wanted to wear myself was to search search search and start supplying the beautiful people that have asked me where I get my clothing / style from.

I started with a small ebay store and facebook page which has grown beyond what I could have ever wished for.

My customers return time after time, I think sometimes its because they love to receive a parcel so carefully wrapped with tissue and feathers and sparkles and ribbons ~ I often get told its like receiving a present through the post ~ even though you have paid for it ~ which I will never stop being grateful for.

So it was time to start this website, its a little like writing this 'about me' page I just put it off ..... Ok I am totally rambling on now ~ I should wrap it up soon shouldn't I ....Oooh well maybe in a minute let me just say the biggest thank you ever for all of your support since starting this amazing adventure

Just a thought have I actually told you what I sell ?????

Lots of eclectic clothing ~ mainly made in india and fairly traded as much as possible. I try and cover many sizes from the slight to the curvy goddess. Lots of trinkets, jewels, singing bells and chimes. Its a long list......

I will be adding to this website all of the time, it's all new to me and I am taking fairy steps around it until I figure it out, so please be patient with me and keep popping back, if you sign up to the newsletter you will be updated when new products come in store.

Brightest moonbeams blessings

~ Jax ~